We are very pleased to announce the start of a brand new quiz circuit for student quizzers. The season will run from September to August and only players aged between 19 and 22 on 1 September at the beginning of the season will be eligible for the Younth World Quiz Rankings. If you are aged under 19, you will automatically be placed into the Junior World Quiz Rankings. If you are over 22, you are more than welcome to play along for fun… and learning.


Which Events Are Included In The Rankings?

Quizzing 101

The Quizzing 101 paper is a written test consisting of 101 questions that will have some questions that are bang up-to-date and questions that are designed to cover the ‘quiz syllabus’. Only quizzers aged 19-22 will be able to get youth rankings points for it, anyone can play along for fun. This quiz will help improve your basic quiz knowledge, make better guesses and give you the upper hand if you’re taking part in TV quizzes etc.

Quizzing 101 will take 45 minutes to complete (or 50 minutes if English is not your first language). The answers will be read out at the end and the scores entered into our QUEST score entry system that will publish the results. Your highest eight scores in any season will count towards you total Youth World Quiz Ranking.

The Quizzing 101 paper is sent out via email on the first Saturday of the month to IQA national organizers or to your university/college representative who can arrange for players to sit the paper during the following two weeks.

IMPORTANT: Because people are sitting the paper on different days, we ask that you do NOT discuss them online before the stats are published. When the stats go live. Please make sure your participants are aware of this so they don’t spoil the quiz for anyone else.

Youth World Quizzing Championships

In February, there will be the Youth World Quizzing Championships – a 120-question quiz, split across eight subjects – that will take the place of Quizzing 101. The winner of this competition will be declared the Youth World Quizzing Champion.

World Quizzing Championships

In June, the World Quizzing Championships – a 240-question quiz, split across eight subjects – that will take the place of Quizzing 101.


How The Rankings Are Calculated

Event Ranking Points

The highest scoring Youth player is considered to have 100 points. Everyone else’s scores are then worked out as a percentage of the highest score to give their rankings points. So, if the highest score was 70 and I scored 35, I’d have 50 points because I scored 50% of the winning score.

Scoring Average

This is like a batting average in cricket or baseball and represents your percentage of correct answers from all the questions you have ever attempted.

Cumulative Youth World Quiz Rankings Points

The total ranking points for the season. Only your top eight scores will count.

The season will run from September – August. At the end of the season, the Cumulative Youth World Quiz Ranking Points will return to zero.

The Cost To Take Part

$5 US or £3.50 per person – HALF PRICE for FULL TIME students. This will be collected by your proctor.


Venues will be announced soon!