How World Quizzing Rankings Events Work

The British Quiz Association produces a quiz of 100 internationally-flavoured questions every month that are sent to participating IQA representatives.

The Hot 100 paper is a written test that will take 45 minutes to complete (or 50 minutes if English is not your first language). The answers will be read out at the end and the scores collected and emailed over to for entry into the World Quizzing Rankings leader board with your highest eight scores in any season counting towards you total rankings.

The Hot 100 paper will be sent out via email on a Saturday to IQA national organizers who can arrange for people sit the paper over the following week, as long as the results are received by midnight GMT on the following Sunday.

IMPORTANT: Because people are sitting the paper on different days, we ask that you do NOT discuss them online before the stats are published. When the stats go live, we will open a thread for discussing that month’s quiz. Please make sure your participants are aware of this so they don’t spoil the quiz for anyone else.


How The Rankings Are Calculated

Event Ranking Points

The highest scoring person(s) is considered to have 100 points. Everyone else’s scores are then worked out as a percentage of the highest score to give their rankings points. So, if the highest score was 70 and I scored 35, I’d have 50 points because I scored 50% of the winning score.

Scoring Average

This is like a batting average in cricket or baseball and represents your percentage of correct answers from all the questions you have ever attempted.

Cumulative World Ranking Points

The total World Ranking points for the season. Only your top eight scores will count.

The season will run from March – February. At the end of the season, the Cumulative World Ranking Points (only) will return to zero.

World Quizzing Championships

Because this event is held simultaneously around the world, there will be no separate Hot 100 paper. Instead, the top score will be considered the base score of 100 and all scores below that will be given a score as a percentage of the winning score. So, if the highest score is 200 and your score was 150, your rankings points will be 75 because you scored 75% of the winning total.

Can People Play At Home?

Yes. We welcome people taking part. The more the merrier. But they will be playing along for fun. You need to be at a proctored event for your score to be added to the official leader board. The question sets cost the same as they do for other participants and are available by signing up here.

The Cost To Take Part

The Hot 100 is being charged at the equivalent to $5 US or £3.50 per person. You can pay this via PayPal – – please let us know the email address you’d like us to send the quiz and instructions to.