Event Rankings Points

The winner is awarded 10000 points. Everyone else earns points (up to 10000) calculated as a percentage of the winner’s score, x100. So, if the highest score in a Hot100 quiz was 90 and you scored 45 (50% of the top score), you earn 5000 points (50×100 =5000).


Event Weighting

Some events on the International Circuit are more significant than others, principally because of the size and or average strength of its participants. While each quiz initially has a maximum 10000 rankings points up for grabs, a multiplier applies to everyone’s rankings points haul in the more significant quizzes:

  1. 0 – Hot100 (i.e. 10000 points x1 = 10000 to the winner, a proportion thereof for everyone else)
  2. 5 – Opens & Continental Championships (i.e. 10000 points x 2.5 = net 25000 available maximum)
  3. 0 – World Quizzing Championship & Quiz Olympiad (i.e. 10000 points x 3.0 = net 30000 available max)


Cumulative Rankings Points on the International Circuit

Each season your total points from each event (up to a maximum of your ten highest earning events) are aggregated. At the end of a season your total aggregate of points will determine your Order of Merit rank for the following season. The more points you have, the higher your likely rank. In order to reach Grand Master, you must have amassed 70% of the total available rankings points for the season, 40% for Master, 25% for Candidate Master, and 5% for Sage.

We expect the following totals will be required in season 2018/19 to attain/maintain each rank…

98000 points – International Grand Master (IGM)
56000 points – International Master (IM)
35000 points – International Candidate Master (ICM)
7000 points – International Sage (IS), a rank that cannot be lost once attained.

A season runs from March – February. At the end of the season, everyone’s Cumulative Ranking Points (only) will return to zero, in readiness for the following season that starts in March.


‘All Time Rankings’

From March 2018, the rankings points you earn from all International Quizzing Circuit qualifying events are aggregated on a dedicated leader board on QUEST. Once a full picture emerges, sometime later in 2020, these ‘All Time Rankings’ will reflect scores from the circuit’s last 40 events (i.e. all events, not just your last 40 events), on a rolling basis. So, at any time these rankings will be a snapshot of all players’ past performances over circa two years. Players appear in descending order by points aggregate, the person at the top being the current, World Number One Ranked Player. Although points for the preceding 40 events are aggregated, each month’s rankings points degrade by 2.4%. So, after 40 succeeding events, the points linked to that quiz will have degraded to zero