Note: The Americas Quizzing Circuit also has its own dedicated website, here.



The Americas Circuit was launched early in 201 and we look forward to it growing in the same way that the UK Circuit has (established in 2003). Every month, across the Americas, a 240 question quiz is made available and contested in the website that is promoted with the use of services from to be able to reach a bigger audience. The results of all these quizzes feed into the Americas Circuit ‘Order of Merit’ and ‘All Time Rankings’.

Each of these 240 question quizzes comprise a number of genres – typically six, each with 30 questions plus 10 tiebreakers – with players’ scores being recorded and displayed in such a way as to enable each separate topic area to also be viewed as a separate contest, with associated bragging rights. A player’s overall score for the entire quiz is the aggregate of all but one of the genres (which is referenced only in the event of a tie).



At each event, after the scores have been determined, a player earns ranking points that are recorded against their name. The bigger the field, and the more competitors there are of senior Order of Merit rank in attendance (see later), the more rankings points are available to be won. Over the course of a season, and beyond, these ranking points add up and determine a player’s standing.

The Americas Order of Merit is reviewed annually prior to the start of the season, which from September 2018 runs from September to August each year. All qualifying events attended over the season count towards a player’s year-end total for that circuit (players can vie for separate ranking both on the Americas Circuit and the World Rankings/Order of Merit at the same time). Depending on how well a player has done, they are assigned an Order of Merit rank for the following season. Players of more than one season’s standing may experience ‘elevation’ or ‘demotion’ from year to year.



In order to attain the highest rank – ‘Grand Master’ (GM) on the Americas circuit – a player needs to amass, over the course of the season, at least 50% of the seasonal maximum aggregate of available ranking points. In practice this means they need to be consistently finishing high up the leader board at the majority of events staged over the course of the season.
To achieve ‘Master’ status you will need to garner 30% of the seasonal maximum available (i.e. a little over half of what is needed for GM status).

To become a ‘Candidate Master’, you will need at least 15% of the available maximum, and to achieve the rank of ‘Sage’, you need to attend a minimum of four ranking events or score 5% of the total rankings points available. Once reached, a ranking of ‘Sage’ cannot be lost. You can be elevated, but you cannot be demoted to ‘Novice’.

New attendees, and anyone not achieving the minimum requirement for ‘Sage’ status, are accorded ‘Novice’ status. At the end of each season, the directors of the Americas Circuit (i.e. the owners of have the discretion to grant dispensations in exceptional, deserving cases. This may see a person elevated, or their demotion waived, despite their actual season’s points tally.



When each event is held, the total amount of rankings points available will be based on the number of players in attendance of each Order of Merit rank. So, an event with a field containing a lot of Grand Masters and Masters will make for a big pot of points up for grabs. In addition, certain of the season’s more prestigious quizzes carry a greater overall weighting, further increasing the number points on offer. A season comprises the following quizzes …



World Quizzing Championship: first Saturday of June, worth double points.
Americas Grands Prix: the Second Saturday of every month, bar June.
Americas Open: essentially the same as a Grand Prix, worth standard points, but playable worldwide.

While the Order of Merit is re-set annually, there is another tally of points that rolls over two years. This produces an ‘All Time Rankings’ table of all players on the circuit, with players ordered by reference to their ongoing tally of rankings points (i.e. regardless of Order of Merit rank). It serves to give a longer-term snapshot of a player’s standing.


The Cost To Take Part

Prices vary according to the event and venue attended. However, the cost of playing a typical Grand Prix quiz is £12.50 per person – HALF PRICE for FULL TIME students. Your entry fee also covers the Hot100, a monthly global quiz that counts toward the World Quiz Circuit, and there may also be an additional fun team, or pairs quiz. Please note there may also be a smaller, additional local fee, payable to your proctor to cover venue charges, where appropriate.


Can People Play At Home?

Yes. We welcome people taking part. The more the merrier. But they will be playing along for fun. You need to be at a proctored event for your score to be added to the official leader board. All our questions are available for sale after the event. See here.