World Quiz Rankings

Welcome To Hot 100 Season Five!

Taking part in the World Quizzing Championships? Then get into training right now to get your brain geared up and ready for it. Join us for a spot of international quizzing brain training every month with the Hot 100!

Once a month, quizzers all over the world take part in the same quiz to earn World Quiz Rankings points. The quiz consists of 100 questions that have an international flavour and is known as the Hot 100 and we have 41 venues in 23 countries taking part.

We very much hope that you will join in with us and help get more people quizzing competitively around the world!

You can play along for fun or you can join or start up a venue.

Season 5

FEBRUARY: 31 January - 5 February

Season 6

Saturday 4 March (scores in by 12 March)
Saturday 1 April (scores in by 9 April)
Saturday 6 May (scores in by 14 May)
JUNE - WQC replaces H100
Saturday 1 July (scores in by 9 July)
Saturday 5 August (scores in by 13 August)
Saturday 2 September (scores in by 10 September)
Saturday 7 October (scores in by 15 October)
Saturday 4 November (scores in by 12 November)
Saturday 2 December (scores in by 10 December)
Saturday 6 January (scores in by 14 January)
Saturday 3 February (scores in by 11 February)