International Quiz Rankings

Important Information For Season 7

From SEASON 7 (starting in March), the International Quiz Rankings will be BIGGER and BETTER!

There will be MORE players joining in and the Hot 100 quiz will become an integral part of a new International Order of Merit that will create International Grand Masters etc. in quiz.

More information will be available soon.

What is the Hot 100? Once a month, quizzers all over the world take part in the Hot 100 quiz to earn World Quiz Rankings points. The quiz consists of 100 questions that have an international flavour.

There are 41 venues in 23 countries, and it's possible to play along at home too.

We very much hope that you will join in with us and help get more people quizzing competitively around the world!

You can play along for fun or you can join or start up a venue. Sign up today here!

Season 7

3 Mar (Scores in by 18 Mar)
7 Apr (Scores in by 22 Apr)
5 May (Scores in by 20 May)
7 Jul (Scores in by 22 Jul)
4 Aug (Scores in by 19 Aug)
1 Sep (Scores in by 16 Sep)
6 Oct (Scores in by 21 Oct)
3 Nov (Scores in by 18 Nov)
1 Dec (Scores in by 16 Dec)
5 Jan (Scores in by 20 Jan)
2 Feb (Scores in by 17 Feb)

Season 8

Season 8 will begin on Saturday 2 March 2019.